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About Nanis
Piero Marangon and Laura Bicego founded Nanis in 1990, putting great emphasis on a strong brand identity. The creative soul of Nanis is a woman and the essence of the jewels she creates is unequivocally feminine. The thousands of facets of femininity are reflected in these jewels: they are daily companions both precious and captivating. Laura Bicego, head of design for the company, is a tireless traveler, open to receiving new ideas and creating jewels with them: attentive to trends and changes in taste, she transfers sounds, smells, colors to her jewels with the insight of a true artist. Nanis jewels are created to be fashion accessories and boast a meticulous attention to details. Natural stones, chiseled gold and diamonds are combined in an extremely distinguishable design to form nature-inspired shapes. Laura creates ergonomic jewels that change with a simple touch. The versatility of the woman is summarized in each precious object created also with the use of unusual materials, transformed through innovative and sophisticated techniques.

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